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How to Set Up a Robocash Credit Account

Once you’ve opened a Robocash credit account, the next step is to fill in your personal information. This includes your e-mail address and phone number. You also have to choose who you want your account to be set up under, as well as your personal identification number and address. You’ll also need to specify what you plan to use it for. Once you’ve completed the basic information required, you can choose a payment method and set up the loan.

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Once you’ve set up an account, you’re ready to apply for a credit line. The app or website will walk you through the process. After you’ve filled out the application, you’ll be asked for a mobile number, a one-time pin, and a verification code. Make sure you provide the correct mobile number, and you should have a strong signal. Once you’ve set up your account, you can access your personal information through the website, or you can sign up for updates and promotions.

Another feature that makes Robocash different from other peer-to-peer lending platforms is that it does not charge any fees for users. Many other peer-to-peer lending platforms charge annual maintenance fees and variable fees to invest. Robocash is in the business of making money, so the fee structure is straightforward. While most loans mature within 30 days, you’re not required to invest in them. If you’re worried about liquidity, you should limit the auto invest parameters to 30 days or less.

Although Robocash is owned by a Russian company, it’s a European-focused service. To join, you must be at least eighteen years old and reside in a European country. Switzerland and the United Kingdom aren’t eligible, but you can apply if you have a bank account from the European Union. Then, once you’ve got your credit card, you can use your Robocash money to meet your economic needs.

Aside from offering a convenient, free service, Robocash also has a customer service team. In the event that you have any questions or concerns, you can call Sofia, a financial analyst who collects official data about loan products and compares them with one another. She checks the information about all loan products and makes changes as needed. Its customer service team is committed to providing information that is as accurate as possible.

The most common risk associated with Robocash involves loan default. This is a result of the end-borrower failing to meet repayment terms. Often, this causes a cascading effect on your earnings. Fortunately, Robocash employs safeguards to mitigate this risk. These safeguards include a minimum deposit amount of 10 EUR, and no withdrawal fees. The site is updated regularly, and you can expect your funds to be credited to your account within a few days.

When a borrower is unable to make repayments, Robocash automatically invests their excess funds into new loans. Moreover, the system can run these investments on autopilot. As with other similar P2P platforms, Robocash provides a buyback guarantee for its loans. The guarantee is valid until the company goes out of business, which has not been noted in the company’s latest figures. If you’re looking for a low risk investment opportunity, a Robocash credit account might be worth looking into.